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Features with Tanen Andrews - Consumer Cooperative Group
Features with Tanen Andrews - Consumer Cooperative Group

buying back our 40 acres and a mule

Creating equitable change for all investing communities

Tanen Andrews is the Founder and CEO of Consumer Cooperative Group as well as the creator and visionary of Cooponomics, a financial method of combining and using a cooperative ecosystem with the economics of the neglected and under-served community of investors he envisioned over 25 years ago, per the time of this writing.

Consumer Cooperative Group (CCG) is a consumer-owned, for-profit cooperative. CCG’s mission is to provide its members with the benefits of real estate ownership through an indirect ownership system. CCG offers investors a pooled investment program delivered through its flagship product – Real Estate Investment Cooperative (REIC) that involves the purchase of valuable multi-family properties with pooled funds contributed by cooperative members/investors.

In exchange, members/investors benefit from an indirect real estate property ownership system on a proportion that is based on their investment. Through this unique approach for investing, CCG aims to offer an affordable option for all levels of the investor while simultaneously creating more opportunities for lower-income individuals who may have been shut out of the market before. This model is designed to create sustainable and equitable growth for all shareholders while preserving affordability in communities across America.

the origin of a new road to generational equity

During his early twenties as an entrepreneur in 1995, Tanen Andrews first started his real estate investment business alongside his transportation and logistics company.

In 1996, Tanen invested and renovated his first single-family home in Arlington, Texas with the assistance of his mentor. Six months later in 1997, Tanen sold the property for a 5-figure profit, which was the transaction that later led to a 32-unit portfolio acquisition of single-family homes, duplexes, triplexes, and four-plexes in the Fort Worth, Texas area. This property acquisition was unique because he bought the private company that owned the real estate holdings.

In 1998, Tanen bought a 13-unit apartment complex in Fort Worth, Texas that he renovated and kept for investment. It was not until 2003 when he teamed with a local builder in a multimillion-dollar deal to acquire 25 new construction single-family homes in the Southwest Dallas area. Taking about 6 to 8 months to close, all the properties in the deal were held for investment that would go on to greatly benefit the subsidized housing market in that area.

As the years moved forward, Mr. Andrews continued educating the community about properly setting up and structuring business entities, investing in real estate, and instilling the importance of the financial power of pooling capital resources for financial independence. 

Tanen established his company’s cooperative methodology nearly 25 years ago, but current legislation was not adopted at the time to enable its ideological pursuit. The purpose of this dynamic methodology’s implementation is to bring awareness to the forefront of marginalized societies that shows the true financial power of crowdfunding collaboration.

The time of equitable change is upon us.

the era to invest in real, lasting change is now

Tanen Andrews holds a Bachelor’s degree of Science in Game Art/Computer Animation from Full Sail University and is currently completing his Master’s of Arts in Entrepreneurship with a concentration in Small Business Management and a Master of Business Administration at two separate universities.

Mr. Andrews’ responsibilities are to represent the best interests of Consumer Cooperative Group and its shareholders. He is responsible for creating and implementing strategies to grow the business and brand by developing business relationships and alliances, pursuing corporate opportunities, as well as assisting with oversight and management of the day-to-day operations.

Early investments in Consumer Cooperative Group are now open.


5900 Balcones St. Suite 100 Austin, Texas 78731

Features with Tanen Andrews - Consumer Cooperative Group
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