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This Month In Real Estate Investing January 2024

This Month In Real Estate Investing, January 2024 hosted by James A. Brown with guests Cody Hofhine, Damon Hart, and Joel Friedland
Explore the latest real estate investing news! From Zillow's antitrust lawsuit to millennials' housing challenges, stay informed about the dynamic market trends and investment opportunities. Dive into the discussion today!
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Table of Contents

This Month In Real Estate Investing January 2024

This Month In Real Estate Investing is the monthly United States Real Estate Investor show featuring your favorite REI personalities discussing the month’s news, trends, economics, culture, and much more.

This Month’s News Items

  • Zillow Files Antitrust Lawsuit Against Rivals
  • Fund Managers Bullish on REITs in 2024
  • Millennials Grim Real Estate Reality
  • Office Real Estate To Face Huge Debt Payment
  • Immigration Rhetoric Meets Real Estate Reality
  • Market Expert Warns US Real Estate Is A ‘Slow-Moving Train Wreck’
  • Record Number 2024 Office Conversions
  • Housing Affordability Reshaping Migration
  • Millennials First Home Regret
  • Developer Pitches Tallest Building Plans
  • US Laughs Off Russia’s Alaska Acquisition
  • Scenic Croatian Town Sells Houses for 13 Cents

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Real Estate Revolution: A Deep Dive into the January 2024 Industry News

Welcome to the January 2024 edition of This Month In Real Estate Investing, where we bring you the latest and most compelling news from the world of real estate.

Join us as we sift through the hottest topics that are shaping the industry and impacting your investments.

Zillow’s Bold Move Shakes the Market

In a groundbreaking development, real estate giant Zillow has filed an antitrust lawsuit against competitors in the scheduling software market. This audacious move aims to ensure fair competition and protect the choices of real estate agents, with significant implications for the industry’s technology integration. Don’t miss our insights on this game-changing lawsuit.

REITs: A Promising Outlook for 2024

Real Estate Investment Trusts (REITs) are back on investors’ radar. After facing challenges due to rising interest rates, publicly traded REITs made a remarkable comeback in 2023. Find out why fund managers are optimistic about the REIT sector in 2024 and what this means for your investment portfolio.

Millennials’ Real Estate Reality Check

Millennials are experiencing a harsh reality in the real estate market. Soaring housing costs, coupled with economic hurdles like inflation, stagnant wages, and overwhelming student debt, are forcing them out of city centers and into suburbs. Discover how this urban-suburban migration trend is reshaping the market and what it means for your investment strategies.

The Office Real Estate Challenge

2024 brings a significant challenge to the office real estate market. With nearly $500 billion of commercial real estate debt maturing, the industry faces refinancing challenges amid declining property values and high interest rates. Dive into the details of this critical issue and understand its implications for office space investors.

Immigration and the Housing Market

Increasing immigration is set to intensify competition in the U.S. housing market. With over 10,000 migrants arriving daily at the U.S.-Mexico border, experts predict significant shifts in housing demand, particularly in states like California, Florida, Texas, Nevada, and the Northeast. Explore how this trend may affect your real estate investments.

Record-Breaking Office Conversions

2024 witnesses a remarkable surge in the transformation of aging office buildings into residential spaces. Driven by the shift towards remote and hybrid work, this trend is set to create a record-breaking 55,300 housing units from office conversions. Find out which cities lead the charge and what opportunities this trend presents for investors.

Housing Affordability Reshaping Migration Trends

The affordability of housing is significantly influencing migration patterns. People are choosing metropolitan areas where housing costs are lower, resulting in substantial savings. Discover the top cities where people are moving for affordable housing and job opportunities.

Millennials and Homebuying Regrets

A whopping 90% of millennial homeowners express regrets regarding their first home purchases. Explore the common sources of remorse and learn from their experiences to avoid similar pitfalls.

Tallest Building Plans in an Unlikely City

A California-based firm has unveiled ambitious plans to construct the tallest building in the United States in an unexpected location—Oklahoma City. Dive into the details of this audacious project and what it means for the city’s economy and real estate landscape.

Alaska: A Former Russian Real Estate?

Amid speculations of Russian President Vladimir Putin’s interest in reclaiming Alaska, the U.S. State Department firmly dismisses any such claims. Learn about the historical context and the ongoing debates surrounding this intriguing topic.

Croatian Town Offers Homes for Cents

Imagine owning a home in a picturesque Croatian town for just 13 cents! Legrad, a charming town, is making headlines by offering houses at an incredibly affordable price. Explore the unique initiative and the requirements to become a homeowner in this scenic town.

Don’t miss out on the insights and knowledge that can help you navigate the real estate landscape. Tune in and stay ahead in the game!


James A. Brown

Featured Guests:

Cody Hofhine
Damon Hart
Joel Friedland

Tune in to gain a deeper understanding of these topics and to hear from our knowledgeable guests.

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Happy investing!


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