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Buying a New Car with Karen Ford (Money Is Funny)

Buying a New Car with Karen Ford on the Money Is Funny podcast co-hosted by financial advisor Armond Croom and actor/comedian Mychael Anthony.
Join us as Master Financial Coach Karen Ford shares invaluable insights on buying a new car without breaking the bank. Tune into Money Is Funny for tips that'll drive you to financial success.
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Table of Contents

When it comes to buying a new car, do you feel the excitement of taking your shiny beautiful machine for a fun spin or does your stomach turn with nauseating anticipation?

Join Armond and Mychael with guest Karen Ford as they dig into the joys and hardships of buying a new car.

Karen Ford

Money Is Funny is the show where we have relaxed, but important conversations about money and life and how we can make the best decisions with both.

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Mychael Anthony:

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Tips for Buying a New Car (How to Buy a Car in 10 Steps the Money Is Funny Way)

Want to buy a new car?

Let’s explore essential tips for buying a new or used car.

Make the right choice and transition smoothly from thinking about buying to owning the right car.

Introduction to Your New Car Journey

Ah, the open road calls, and what better way to answer than in a shiny new vehicle, right?

But before you prance down to the local car dealership with dreams of a fresh car smell, there’s a tad bit of homework to do unless you fancy being taken for a ride, and not the good kind.

Dive into your credit score; it’s more than just a number—it’s your ticket to a friendly interest rate.

Next, hustle through the Kelley Blue Book to know what that car is worth before the dealer tells you their ‘best price.’

Now, flirt with your bank or credit union to get a preapproval on a new car loan, because trust us, knowing the monthly payment on your new chariot is crucial unless you enjoy nasty surprises.

2023 may be the year of spontaneous car shopping adventures, but knowing the purchase price before you step into the battlefield of car dealerships is your shield against overzealous car dealers.

While dreaming of that brand-new car is a delightful daydream, understanding the average price of a new car might just sway you towards buying a used car.

Remember, it’s not just about driving the car off the lot, but driving the right car at the right price into the sunset of your car-buying journey.

So gear up, check that car insurance, and let’s make this car deal less about monthly car payments and more about cruising through 2023 with the wind in your hair.

Determining the Car You Want: New or Used?

Here’s the age-old car buyer’s dilemma: to go vintage or fresh off the lot?

Venturing into the car-buying realm is akin to being a kid in a candy store with sticker prices that can make your eyes water.

Now, let’s break it down; a dealer may entice you with the shiny allure of a brand-new car every time you step foot into the dealership.

It’s tempting, the smell of untouched upholstery, the promise of being the first to rev the engine.

Yet, is it the best price option for your wallet?

Or should you saunter over to the used car section, where the price of the vehicle is less daunting, and the car’s history adds character (and a couple of dents)?

To find the car you want, assess your financial landscape and driving habits.

If you’re the type who wants a new car delivered with a bow on top and doesn’t mind the steeper price for that new car aroma, by all means, treat yourself.

If you’re thinking about buying a car that costs less upfront and has proven its mettle on the road, a pre-loved car is calling your name.

Either way, arm yourself with tips on how to buy a car that meets your needs before you get the car and paperwork delivered and strut into the dealership with the confidence of a seasoned car shopper.

And remember, whether buying new or used, the way to buy a car that’s right for you is by making sure you know the car inside and out before you take the car home.

Getting a Grip: Steps to Buying a New Car

Welcome to the grand circus of buying a new car!

Buying a car is a rite of passage for every adult who’s had enough of the bus life.

First, sell your car if you have an old clunker, because nothing says “I’m ready for a new car” like making space in your garage.

Now, before you go gallivanting into the world of new car smells, you’ll need to find the car you want.

Do your homework, unless you fancy being swindled at the dealership.

Look at new and used car values, and decide on the car that meets your fancy and budget.

Ah, budget—the little thing that dictates the price of your new car. It’s like the fun police of car shopping.

Now, when you’re ready to make the purchase, don’t just waltz into any car lot.

Find a reputable car at a dealership where the salespeople don’t resemble sharks circling their prey.

Remember, buying a vehicle is a big deal, like deciding on a Netflix series to commit to, only with more zeros on the price tag.

And lastly, get all your ducks in a row—car and paperwork delivered, and a meticulous examination to ensure the car is everything you dreamed of while you were tirelessly thinking about buying a car.

Preparing Your Current Car for Trade-In

Oh, the joy of eyeing a brand-new car every time the old one starts to cough!

The cycle of car expenses never really ends, does it?

As you’re shopping for a new car, you’ve decided it’s time to bid farewell to your loyal, rusty companion.

The goal is to find the right car without trading your soul.

But before you can purchase a new chariot, you need to make the car you’re currently romancing appealing to the next car and driver duo.

So, roll up your sleeves, it’s time to beautify that beast for the big trade.

The condition of your car can either sweeten the deal or have dealers running for the hills.

Remember, trading in a car is like a first date – first impressions matter!

Now, armed with a clean car and a clearer vision of the type of car you want, you’re one step closer to driving off into the sunset with a shiny new car every three years… or, you know, whenever the next car-adventure itch strikes.

The Importance of Getting Preapproved for a Car Loan

Before you even find a car to trade or sell the car you have, it’s all about that golden ticket – getting preapproved for a car loan.

It’s like having a backstage pass before you go to the dealership to purchase a new car.

Now, we know a car is a big deal, almost like getting a new haircut, but way pricier.

In the grand car buying theatre, being preapproved is your audition pass to flaunt your financial flair to the car buyer audience.

So, unless you fancy buying a brand new car every three years, like changing socks, get that preapproval and stride into the dealership with a credit score that sings!

Dealership Dynamics: Finding the Right Dealer

Meet your new matchmakers: car dealers.

They unite eager buyers with their mechanical soulmates.

Finding the right dealer is like dating in the hopes of finding “the one” who has the car you’re looking for.

In the grand theater of automobile matchmaking, it’s not just about the love at first sight (or drive) scenario, it’s about finding a dealer who won’t ghost you when you need a car in today’s fast-paced world.

These dealers are your wingmen in your quest to purchase a new vehicle, the ones who help you keep their new (or slightly seasoned) chariot until you get a car loan’s knight-in-shining-armor approval.

So, choose wisely!

Price Points: Understanding the Sale Price of the Car

Enter that elusive number that seems to have been conjured by a wizard at the dealership: the sale price.

Is it fair?

Is it negotiable?

Is it set in stone by some car deity?

When you venture into the realm of buying a new car, understanding the price tag is your golden ticket.

It’s more than just a random number; it’s the value placed on your soon-to-be majestic metal steed.

Now, it’s time to don your armor of knowledge, unsheathe your sword of negotiation, and get ready to joust for a price worthy of your noble quest!

Test-Drive the Car: The Road to Your Car Purchase

Here comes the best part; the test drive – the automotive world’s version of a first date.

It’s your chance to feel the vibe of your potential new companion on the road.

So, step into that dealership with the swagger of someone about to buy a new car, not just kick the tires.

As you slide into the driver’s seat, remember this is where the rubber literally meets the road.

It’s your mini adventure with the car before the bills come knocking.

So, turn that key, feel the engine hum, and find out if sparks fly.

After all, it’s not just about the car’s looks, but also how it rides.

Negotiating the Deal: Time to Buy the Car You Want

Oh, the sweet dance of negotiation, where the rubber of your wallet meets the road of the dealer’s bottom line.

Here’s where your earlier legwork pays off.

Armed with your well-researched price points and the swagger of a preapproved car loan, you’re not just any stroll-in customer.

No, you’re the informed buyer, a dealer’s delightful dread.

As you volley offers with a grin, remember that the sale price isn’t just about the car you want, but ensuring the deal doesn’t exceed your budget.

Now, rev up that negotiation engine—it’s time to buy your new chariot!

Finalizing the Deal: Tips for Buying and Securing a Car Loan at the Dealership

Alright, you’ve made it to the finish line, but don’t celebrate just yet.

This is where you need to keep your wits about you.

Finalizing the deal at the dealership is like playing the final boss in a video game.

It’s you versus the finance manager.

Your weapon? The pre-approval for a car loan you secured earlier.

Now, let’s make that car officially yours.

Review the contract, ensure the numbers match up, and that the sale price is what you agreed upon.

Remember, no funny business!

The only surprise you want is how smooth this car-buying adventure was.


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